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Many people have been asking about the Newburgh Housing development and in particular what will be the involvement of Bradwell CLT.  Others are asking simply, “What is Bradwell CLT?”

The following information should address most questions, but if you have others please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to answer you.

Q: What has been agreed regarding the Newburgh site and what should we expect to happen?

A: Regarding the private sale of the Newburgh industrial site to a housing developer, the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) has permitted a housing development of 55 houses together with the construction of 6 small industrial units and retention of Newburgh manufacturing and local jobs in a smaller, purpose-built factory unit.

It is expected that 43 three to five bedroom houses will be sold on the open market.

As a result of the Bradwell Neighbourhood Plan and some hard work by members of the Bradwell Community Land Trust (BCLT), 12 two-bedroom houses on the site have been secured as affordable homes, for rent to local residents in line with the planning conditions imposed by PDNPA and the policies of Derbyshire Dales District Council.

Q: Why are the 43 houses being put on the open market because this will just lead to people buying them for even more holiday homes in Bradwell?

A: The first thing to remember is that the village voted overwhelmingly to accept the Bradwell Neighbourhood Plan, and one of the key elements of the Plan was definition of the number of houses which residents felt was acceptable to be built on the Newburgh site.  Peak Park have adhered to this aspect of the Plan throughout.

A second consideration is that purchasing a large area of land such as has become available due to the contraction of Newburgh’s Bradwell operation is an expensive investment.  No contractor could be expected to take it on without being able to recover their investment through the sale of houses on the open market.  In this case, thanks mostly to intensive negotiations and with the support of Peak Park, it has been possible to limit the number of open market houses being built (remember that at one point there was a proposal to build 140+ houses and none for local needs) and to also acquire twelve affordable homes for local people free of charge.  The plan is to keep these affordable homes available for local people for generations to come.  That is a big win for the village.

A final thing to remember is that the new families buying these houses and moving in to the village will bring children for our schools and more trade for our local businesses, helping them to survive in these difficult economic times.

Q: Why hasn’t a “Derbyshire Dales” clause been applied to the open market houses to stop people from out of the area buying them up?

A: “Occupancy Clauses” can only be applied to houses built specifically for local needs (in this case the twelve affordable dwellings) and it is not possible to restrict or control who buys open market properties.

Q: What is happening to Newburgh Engineering?

A: Newburgh Engineering’s Bradwell manufacturing facility will be staying in the village, and will be housed in a new, custom built facility.  This retains employment for the many local people who work there.

Q: When will work on the site be starting?

A: Work on the site has now commenced (November 2016) with demolition of the factory units.  Construction of the new Newburgh Engineering facility will follow and they will then move in to it.  Construction of the first phase of housing will follow and we expect the first houses to be available within the next two years.

The houses will be built in three phases.

Q: What relationship does Bradwell CLT have to the building contractors?

A: Bradwell CLT is not responsible for the works and has no relationship with the contractors.  Please refer to the PDNPA, as the planning enforcement authority, regarding issues such as access, parking and restrictions during construction, which is expected to take between 2 and 3 years.

Q: Who will own the affordable houses and how will they be managed and allocated?

A: Bradwell CLT will own the 12 affordable houses and in due course will appoint a professional independent housing association to manage them.  The housing association will engage Home-Options as a choice based letting scheme used across Derbyshire, to work with interested tenants and allocate the affordable houses based upon the Home-Options allocation policy.  Preferential priority for allocation will be given to tenants with a strong local connection to the parish of Bradwell or an adjoining parish. Other factors taken into consideration for any affordable housing include your housing need, your resources, where you live and work and the length of time you have been on the register.

Q: Why are there only two bedroom affordable houses being built?

A: When the Neighbourhood Plan was being researched a Housing Needs Survey was carried out by District Council.  This survey identified that the primary need was for starter homes for young families.

Q: Are there any other affordable homes in Bradwell?

A: Yes, there is a total of 102 affordable homes in the village.  Dales Housing, Northern Counties Housing Association and Nottingham Community Housing Association all have affordable homes in Bradwell Parish.  Dales Housing is the largest with 66 homes in Bradwell, of which 41 are designated older persons accommodation.  Only 3 of the 23 houses have become available in the past 5 years.  The majority of the turnover is in the designated older persons bungalows and flats (11 of the 15).  Information Source: Bradwell Parish Housing Needs Survey Report: October 2014

Q: Do I have to be a member of Bradwell CLT to qualify for a house?

A: To be eligible to rent one of the affordable houses, you do not have to be a member of the BCLT, but you do need to register with Home-Options.

Q: How do I register with Home-Options?

A: For information on how to do this please visit selecting the housing tab or  You can also visit Derbyshire Dales District Council offices in Matlock Town Hall or call the Home-Options team on 01629 761311.

A session will also be arranged in Bradwell in the New Year to explain Home-Options and to assist residents in signing up.  This session will be open for anyone who wishes to attend.

Q: What is Bradwell Community Land Trust?

A: Bradwell CLT is a not for profit organisation, working for your village and where any profit made is returned for the benefit of the community.  The board is made up of local volunteers and its agenda is driven by its members.  The more members the Trust has, the more influence it will have in discussions, negotiations and access to grants and loans.  Joining the BCLT for £1.00 enables you to have an input into a variety of projects within the village for the benefit of the village and allows you to take part in the Trust’s decision making.

Q: I am interested in buying one of the houses on the Newburgh Site.  What should I do?

A: All enquiries should be directed to the site developer, Camstead Homes, via their website.  There is a contact form at where you can enter your personal contact information and send them a message.


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